We are a festival like no other in the city. 

We activate communities through the power of ART & DESIGN. 
We rejuvenate vacant spaces and bring life back into the downtown core. 
We pop up, PLACEMAKE, and make an impact. 
We promote locals to drive industry and to showcase Edmonton for WHO we really are. 
We cultivate CULTURE, applaud COLLABORATION and stand for EDUCATION. 
We are a PLATFORM for the creative mind to explore, experiment & express. 
We design for EXPERIENCE, to story tell, to connect.

We are, The Vignettes Design Series.



The Vignettes Design Series is an interdisciplinary event that brings together local designers, artists, and makers to bring their best in collaboration and creation to co-create amazing environments.  What began as a grassroots campaign created to promote the local art and design industry back in 2012 in Edmonton has now grown into a month long festival.  We create unique, pop-up experiences in the downtown core to drive industry, community, and culture.  Tapping into under-utilized spaces creates a refreshing and unparalleled  experience for event goers while reviving our city. 

The Vignettes Design Series collaborates with over ninety Canadian based companies and community organizations to bring a one-of-a-kind pop up gallery to downtown Edmonton.  Our event continues to build, grow, and evolve as more partnerships join our movement. 





1 . Provide a Platform

To support and promote the art & design community by providing a platform for creators, makers and shakers to showcase their body of work or messaging through impactful team-based art and design installations. 

- To give participants of our show a way to engage audiences through experiential marketing. Outside of the traditional trade show and pop up market models, we hope to provide a platform to showcase Canadian grown talent by amplifying their body of work, promoting their business, and giving them opportunities to reach new markets.  Our festival celebrates the art and design communities while supporting the local economy. 

2 . Cultivate Community

- We believe in collaboration over competition. Each vignette installation is built by a team of industry professionals that work together to create a large scale, interactive installation to showcase to the public. Teams are randomly drafted to encourage collaboration within the art & design community, allowing different backgrounds and expertise to work together as one.

- We believe in inclusion and have a mandate to give back to the community.  Whether it is through strategic event programming, in-kind donations, or funds through ticket sales to community based organizations or causes, we do our best to keep community at our core. 


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3 . Education as a Foundation

 - To support education through the arts and to introduce the concept of design thinking and innovative problem solving to address everyday issues in today's world.  We believe in "out of the box" thinking and that creative minds have the ability to create movement and ignite change in our society.  

- To promote learning at all ages. The Vignettes Design Series is an approved vendor for Edmonton Public Schools.  We are open to grades K-12 to view our pop-up interactive gallery and to participate in curriculum based workshops.  Our festival primarily employs students enrolled in post-secondary institutions or recent graduates through paid internship opportunities and honorarium based volunteer positions. 

- To implement life-long learning goals in our organization in hopes to be mindful in our operation and to be educated around best practices.