….to the soundscapes of Alberta. To help amplify local design creativity, ATB commissioned original compositions by six talented Albertan sound artists, now playing throughout the building and crafted to enhance the visual experience of Vignettes.


Mitch Holtby | Mitchmatic

With over four studio albums released since 2010, Mitchmatic combines electro jazz beats and rap to create a unique and catchy sound. He is working with this year’s competing teams to create a soundtrack for their vignettes, enhancing the experiential cohesiveness of each design. A key player in Edmonton’s music scene, Mitchmatic shares his take on our creative communities, and what events like Vignettes mean to the city.

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Nik Kozub

Nik Kozub, the Edmonton-based musician and producer who is best known for his work in the band Shout Out Out Out Out, is lending his musical talents to the competing design teams. Nik can be found writing and performing his own work as well as co-running a record label based in Edmonton. As an avid supporter and contributor of the Edmonton arts scene, he indulges Vignettes on his view of the growing community.

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Curtis Ross

Curtis’ style reflects his experimental sound, funky rhythms and energetic performances. He lends his talents to ATB Soundscapes, working with the competing teams to create unique audiovisual experiences. With the design series quickly approaching, we sat down with Curtis to get his input on the evolution of Edmonton’s art scene, and the increasing importance of collaboration across mediums.

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Chris Szott

Chris Szott is an Edmonton-based sound artist more commonly known for his emotive-electronic project “Sirch.” Introduced to the guitar at the age of five, his passion for all things sound led to him becoming a multi-instrumentalist and studying music and sound engineering in London, UK, and more recent apprenticeships in Belgium and Toronto.

Szott's approach is evocative of past memories and the future unknown. A skillful combination of ambient, experimental, electronic-folk, downtempo, and all sounds in-between proves a strikingly surreal experience. His universally praised debut album “North of Fifty-Four” has received support from both local and international radio, and the song “Beach Babies” earned Sirch. the “DJ/Electronic Recording of the Year” from the 2014 Edmonton Music Awards. His work also includes commissions for arts-cultural events and contemporary theatre.

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Jason Borys

Borys is a modular synth artist that explores the darker corners of the dancefloor. Through patching devices together, Borys creates unique compositions that are special to each performance. Once the cables are pulled at the end of the event there is no way to exactly recreate what was just heard. This makes for an interesting, in the moment experience that adds life to often stale DJ sets and can create a real connection to the audience when they realize what they hear is actually being played live and not pre-recorded on a computer.

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Isael Huard

Emerging composer and sound designer, Isael Huard is based out of Edmonton where he is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in music at the University of Alberta. Lately, he concentrates on electroacoustic music and musique concrète, as well as composition for visual media such as short films, ads, video games and theatre as well as chamber and choral works. Huard is currently looking to collaborate with other artists to broadcast and deepen his area of expertise, while facilitating his passion for the modern and post-modern artistic aesthetics in audio.

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