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/myo͞oz/ noun:

a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration.

The Vignettes Design Series festival is back and taking over 18,000 square feet of underutilized space in Edmonton’s downtown core.

Teams of architects, designers, visual artists, makers, and builders of the creative community will come together to transform an empty shell into a vibrant hub of immersive art + design in the city.

Join us for this year’s theme, MUSE, and come explore the source behind each team’s creativity!


Thank you to our generous Sponsors + Community Partners who make this festival a reality, year after year.


2019 participants, sponsors, and community partners

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What is Vignettes Design Series?

What started as a one day pop up in 2012 slowly evolved into a month long art + design festival in Edmonton’s downtown core. Vignettes Design Series was created by Leigh Wright while working as the Marketing Manager of Mojo Design Inc. After the local interior design company visited New York City, they were inspired by the opportunities given to artists and designers to showcase their talents. In awe of the creative works seen in New York City, they believed that Edmonton could also be a city that strongly celebrates the art + design industry. Thus, Vignettes Design Series was born, starting its first year showcasing prototypes built by the Industrial Design Students of the University of Alberta.

Over time, a community and audience has been built around the Vignettes Design Series and is now an annual art + design festival that pops up during the fall.

With the hope to revitalize and bring vibrancy back into Edmonton’s downtown, Vignettes takes over vacant and underutilized spaces and transforms them into pop-up galleries of interactive and immersive public art installations while showcasing Edmonton’s hidden talents.